Power? Energy? Doesn’t My Battery Deliver Both?

Oct 11, 2018 8:30:00 AM / by Steve Jennings posted in UPS, Power, batteries, power battery, energy battery, data centers


Batteries are like tools: you must get the right one for the job. You wouldn’t use a sledgehammer to drive a nail in a wall, for obvious reasons, and you wouldn't use a AAA battery when a D battery was required. Fortunately, most consumer devices are built so you can't insert the wrong battery, but in data center and other commercial situations, we are sometimes using the wrong batteries without even knowing it. One fundamental operating differentiator for industrial batteries is power versus energy. Every battery delivers both, but each type is better at delivering one or the other. The kind of battery you need depends on your application and, like a sledgehammer vs. a hammer, you get better results when you choose the right one.

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