World’s Smartest Intersection

Jul 11, 2018 12:00:00 PM / by Steve Jennings posted in ITS, nickel-zinc, batteries, world's smartest intersections, ITS America


The “World’s Smartest Intersection” debuted at that ITS America show in Detroit this past month. It’s the result of smart people creatively solving difficult mobility problems and it's worth checking out. They’re also hosting a webinar offering a more detailed overview on July 18th and you can register here.   It’s actually five smart intersections (but who’s counting) and it can make us all smarter. Traffic Operations for the City of Detroit, working with Miovision, started with simply tracking the real-time operational status of their traffic lights. Then, they all recognized that the technology could be leveraged across other departments including policand emergency services as well as improving freight priority, cyclist dilemma zone extensions and pedestrian safety analytics. This has changed the way their traffic engineering teams work and kudos to Detroit, a city that has been through some tough times, for leading the way.  At ZincFive, we talk about the “Always-On ITS World” we now live in and this project demonstrates how more of ITS becomes mission critical every day.

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